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Privacy policy and general conditions

Our site uses the following identification information in order to correctly generate the code and correct visualization:

IP addresses
The site checks the IP address of the person accessing the site in order to protect against unscrupulous use and hacker attacks.
This information is not bound to an identifiable subject within the meaning of Article 2, paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Browser, language settings, devices
Your site checks the language settings, the type of end device, and the operating system when you access it.
as the purposes of this verification are correct visualization.
This information is not used for marketing or statistical purposes

Visited pages 
The site reports information about visits to its pages.
This information is used to report the effectiveness of the information and usability of the site.
This information cannot be unambiguously linked to an user data subject.

The site collects information about the references, namely who is the referring site.
A site in the sense of the above can be any public domain accessible via http / https protocol, incl. google and facebook.
This information is used for the purposes of our commercial relationship as an advertiser with an advertising medium (another site) and has nothing to do with marketing activities to end users.

Our site uses cookies.

Standard Contact Forms do not collect high-risk personal data.

Our site will not sell or share third party disclosures unless there is a legally compelling reason.


The commercial relations between companies are subject to the Law on Obligations and Contracts and are NOT subject to regulation by the Commission for Personal Data Protection and the Commission for Consumer Protection.

Crystal Blue Ltd. reserves the right to change the current terms and policy at any time, as the amendments come into immediately and become mandatory for the customer from the moment of their publication on our website.

The announced prices are in Bulgarian levs with VAT included, and Crystal Blue Ltd. reserves the right to change prices at any time without further notice.

By using the Crystal Blue website, you agree to our policy.