Peristaltic Pumps U-PER CD series

Peristaltic Pumps V-PER CD series

UPER-CD series are peristaltic dispensers automatically driven by an integral CONDUCTIVITY meter (micro Siemens) enclosed in the same housing, which assures a specified concentration of detergent into the basin, automatically reinstating it if such concentration is different from the one previously set by the operator. Direct function: peristaltic dispenses  whenever the quantity of detergent in the basin results to be inferior to that one in the solution of reference used to set the calibration. Inverse function: on request.  
UPER-CD conductivity range: 500 ÷ 20.000 µS

· Fixed flow rate
· Santoprene hose (Silicon or Tygon on request)
· Provided with the accessories KIT DET and conductivity probe K1
· CD meter calibration via adjustment knob

· Level control and floating level switch (power LED turns yellow
· Quick power connector instead of cable
· Power ratings 230 V 50/60Hz; optional 24Vdc; 24Vac; 240V; 110V 60Hz