FXS P/D Dosing Pump Series

 - FXS P/D Dosing Pump Series These are the basic modes and controls of FXS P/D series: Proportional to external digital pulses:
  • Divider mode : step down (1: n), dividing factor 1999; The pump divides the external pulses received, thus dosing one injection, according the dividing factor selected.
  • Fixed mode 1:1: This mode of the pump is suitable for proportional controllers with pulses output for proportional control.
  • Multiplier mode : step up (1x n); The  FXS P/D pump  multiplies up to the max, the frequency for each pulse received.
  • Multiplier mode with memory : step up (1x nM), The  dosing pump memorises the pulses receivedthuss conducting sequential injections
  • Parts per million: knowing the water meter pulse type, it allows to select the exact ppm dosing requirements.
Constant mode: selection of exact amount of stroke speed injections, mainly used to prime the pump. Connected to a Remote On/Off equipment, the pump starts and stops operations, according to the external contact. Flow detector Alarm Function: this function must be connected to FWT Flow Sensor (flow sensor available on request). The pump goes in alarm, once the actual pump injections will not correspond to stroke frequency selected ( This feature is available only to PD+ DOSNIG PUMP SERIES). Level control: level switch stops the pump when chemical level runs low allowing the pump to stay primed. Stroke length adjustment: The regulation of injection volume, combined with speed control allows top accuracy. This feature is available only to FX Dosing pump series. Note that FXS  P /D  series come with the Standard Accesories Kit, composed from 1 - Injection valve; 2 m - Discharge Hose PE semi-rigid (white); 2 m - Suction Hose PVC flexible (transparent); 1,5 m - Air Bleed Hose PVC flexible (transparent); 1 - Foot Valve / Filter

FXS P/D Dosing pump series (pdf).