FXS C/AL Dosing Pumps Series

 - FXS C/AL Dosing Pumps Series

Constant mode: knowing the amount of additive toinject into the system, pump flow rate is adjusted viastrokes frequency knob. The pump will constantlyperform the dosing operation according to the flowrate selected by the selected frequency. Connectedto a Remote On/Off equipment, the pump will startand stop operations according to the external contact.Double scale adjustment: for accurate control oflow output, pump pulses reduction from 0÷100% to0÷20% Stroke length adjustment: regulation of injectionvolume that combined with speed control allows topaccuracy. This feature only for FX.

Stroke length adjustment: The regulation of injection volume, combined with speed control allows top accuracy. This feature is available only toFX Dosing pump series. Note that FXS C/AL dosing pump series come with the Standard Accesories Kit, composed from

  • 1 - Injection valve.
  • 2 m - Discharge Hose PE semi-rigid (white).
  • 2 m - Suction Hose PVC flexible (transparent).
  • 1,5 m - Air Bleed Hose PVC flexible (transparent).
  • 1 - Foot Valve / Filters

FXS C/AL Dosing pump series Data Sheet (pdf).