Professional reverse osmosis

 - Professional reverse osmosis

Our company allocates systems of reverse osmosis for industrial applications, which observe the last European directives on the treatment of water and are certified at ISO 9001: 2000.The units are assembled from NOBEL which is localized in Italy. They are used extensively in the treatment of sea water, providing potable water. The success of the reverse osmosis systems is based on the leading quality of materials and elements, in the correct pre-treatment, depending on the quality of crude water, but also in the afterwards reverse osmosis water treatment. All the systems includes an electronic control and depending on the model, they can include automatic wastewater treatment, automatic cleaning and disinfection of the system, alarm for decreased capacity or non-acceptable quality of the produced water, electronic exchange of information with systems of pre-treatment. The systems of reverse osmosis, depending on each application, include a complete process of treatment that case by case can include the following: