Multistage Submerged Pumps for pure water

 - Multistage Submerged Pumps for pure water

Manufactured in Stainless Steel to the highest quality and standards, following extensive electrical and hydraulic tests.
The units work well even in low water levels. They are easy to dismantle for repair and cleaning.
Available for manual or automatic operation with adjustable float switch.
Single phase version are supplied with built-in capacitor.

Multi-stage Electro-Submersible Pump with centrifugal radial impeller’s. Designed to handle clean water at a maximum temperature of 35 deg. C.
Max numbers of intervention 40/h.
Max content of sand 60 gr/mі.
Particularly suited for irrigation, water boosting, water transfer, emptying flooded cellars or rooms along with many other water duties for both civil and industrial applications.

Pump and motor Body, Handle, Cover and Screen in Stainless Steel AISI 304. Brackets in forged brass. Impellers, diffusers and separators in re-inforced NORYL.
Each pump stage is fitted with a Stainless Steel ring for wear resistance. The capacitor housing is constructed in re-inforced NYLON.
The motor shaft is in Stainless Steel AISI 420.
The mechanical seal is Alumina/ Graphite, oil lubricated.
(Silicone Carbide seal available on request). A special lip seal is also fitted to help protect against sand.

Asynchronous, single phase 230V-50HZ or three phase, 400V-50HZ. Other voltage’s or frequency available on request.
Insulation Class F. Internal cooling is through a non-polluting mineral oil. External cooling is via the pumped fluid. Built-in overload protection.