Sewage Pump Umbra Pompe model ACUA AR

 - Sewage Pump Umbra Pompe

Max liquid temperature 35° with partially immersed pump.
Discharge size 1”Ѕ.
Max immersion depth 5 m.
Power cord 5-10 m with plug.
Spherical clearance max 30 mm.
Motorcasing, bolts and nuts in AISI 304.
Shaft in AISI 420.
Mechanical seal with lip seal. Vortex impeller in reinforced Nylon AR 80
AISI 304 AR 100 AR 150.
The remaining items in thermoplastic materials certified ISO 9001.

Emptying of sinkholes, infiltration waters, handling liquids with solids in suspension.
Draining flooded rooms.

Insulation Class F
Protection IP 68
Single phase 230V. 50Hz.
Threephase 400 V. 50Hz.
Built-in capacitor and overload protection. For threephase version the protection has to be provided by the user.
Available in manual or automatic operation.


Technical data (*.pdf)