Drainage pump FORAS model FC 400 - 550

 - Drainage pump FORAS model FC 400 - 550

USES - Centrifugal drainage pump that guarantees high head; ideal for civil and industrial applications; specifically designed for very heavy use; only mobile versions are available.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES - Cast iron pump casing with flanged delivery opening; impeller in cast iron ; double mechanical silicon carbide seal with oil barrier on pump side, ceramic graphite on motor side; motor shaft in AISI 304 steel on the hydraulic side; liquid temperature range 0 - 40 °C; supplied with 10 meters of H07 RNF cable ; for single-phase models a control board must be used complete with starter capacitor (35 µF for the version 1,5 HP, 50 µF for the version 2 HP).

MOTOR - 2 pole electric induction motor in oil bath suitable for continuous operations; stator made with low-loss laminated electric sheet steel; insulation Class F; IP 68 protection; the user is responsible for motor protection.

ON REQUEST - Other operating voltages and frequencies; special liquids.

Technical data (*.pdf)