model PC

 - Peripherical pumps model PC

USES - Liquid ring positive displacement pump with star impeller that gives considerable suction power to the pump. Particularly suitable for liquid transfer (including volatile liquids). The MD model has a frontal brass insect avoiding the risk of blockage.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES - Cast iron and brass pump casing with threaded openings (side intake); cast iron motor bracket; brass star impeller; ceramic - graphite mechanical seal; motor shaft in AISI 416 steel; world leading brand ball bearings;liquid temperature range 0 - 90 °C; max. operating pressure 8 bar.

MOTOR - 2 pole electric induction motor for continuous operations; stator made with low-loss laminated electric sheet steel;insulation Class F; IP 44 protection level; thermal protection for single-phase models; the user is responsible for supplying protection for the three-phase models.

ON REQUEST - Other operating voltages and frequencies; special mechanical seal; special liquids.



Technical data (*.pdf)