Single Phase

The back panel allows the installation of various combinations of accessories, including Schuko and CEE sockets (adequately protected by breakers), voltmeter with leds, battery charger kit, 115/230V commutator, etc.

Transient voltage dip at rated load insertion:
The voltage dip when the load is inserted is lower than 10%.

The top panel is, as series, equipped with an anti-vibration system ensuring a longer life of the accessories. The accurate and innovative design led to reduced dimensions; the implementation of two small roofs ensures greater protection against the water flowing into the accessories. In the standard version, sockets (CEE, Schuko, etc.) are mounted on the left (looking at the coupling side) or right, on request. More accessories are available, such as magnetothermics, earth leackage breakers, voltmeters, etc.

  • Compact and easy to assemble
  • Low harmonic content
  • Possibility to supply any type of load
  • Rotating diodes easy to replace (E1C13)
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • High efficiency