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The Pressing System are manufactured in such way to make theim very easy to use in limited spaces. Also they are delivered completely assembled, with all their elements. It makes it easy for the customer to do nothing else but to make the hydraulic connection of the collectors of the system and the electrification of the completely automated electric table


- Reverses the pump starting order every time the pressure
switches are turned off, thereby ensuring equal
operation of pumps.
- Prevents the pumps from starting at the same time,
which would cause unnecessarily high starting currents
(otherwise, when the power mains is restored
after interruptions caused by works on the grid, storms
or manual cut-offs, the pumps would start working at
the same time, with maximum power demand).
- Prevents (through delays) the pumps from being affected
by pressure switch bounces caused by pressure
peaks, water hammers or problems in the plant, such
as damaged membranes in the surge tanks or lack of
air in tanks with air supply.