Automatic Fire Fighting Units EN 12845

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Pumping units for fire fighting units, according to EN 12845 standards are summarised as following:
• Automated function for pump's water charge.
• Connections sized for low velocity of intaken water and correct suction capability .
• Eccentric tapered connection with suitable intake angle for disposing of any air that may have collected in the piping.
• Independent, self-controlled electric automated panels, for each pumping station.
• Diesel driven pump control panel powered simultaneously by two batteries.
• Diffuser cone on the discharge side for managing the output flow with low friction loss components.
• NPSH of the pump within regulation limits to safeguard a correct suction capability.
• Diesel engines cooled by a heat exchanger for power outputs of 40HP upwards, in order to achieve effective disposal of the heat even for installation in small or poorly ventilated rooms.
• Metal pipes for diesel oil.
• Start-up of diesel engine with automatic sequence of six attempts and battery switching.
• Kit of spares for diesel engines as mentioned by the standards available on request.
• Jockey pump so as to avoid unjustified starting of the duty pumps.
• Supplied with precharged pressurising tanks for smooth jockey pump.
• Availability of circuit for testing the delivered flow rate, complete with regulating valve.
• Adequate capacity of diesel oil tank.
• Indication of a 25% drop in the level of the fuel.
• 40% reserve on the design capacity for high risk classes HHS-HHP.
• ON/OFF controls for diesel driven pumps have independent circuits and separate relays.
• Diesel driven pump control panel powered simultaneously by two batteries.
• Test devices easily accessible for routine checks.
• Alarms displayed with different coloured lamps depending on the type of warning.
• Selective check of pressure-switches with individual testing.
• Detection of performance with effective measurement of capacity and pressure, the latter on both the discharge and the suction sides of the duty pumps.
• Easy control for measurement of the design flow rate.
• Sensors and/or measuring devices installed at the main points of the pumping engine. Test device for checking the signalling lamps.

Crystal Blue Ltd. Fire Fighting Units are concieved as rebust, compact and assembled on a chassis, supported on anti-vibrating foot paddings. They are delivered ready to operate. What is need when installed, is connection with water supply and power supply of the electric automated panel.