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Dosing-meters - Stirrers of Axis

Bulk chemicals are a broad chemical category including polymers, petrochemicals, other derivatives and basic industrials, inorganic chemicals, and fertilizers. Mixers are widely used for mixing to produce the bulk chemicals.
Mixers are suitable fot industrial applications of mixing in the chemical industry, which include:
Mixing miscible/dispersing immiscible reactants.
Dissolving gases (e.g., chlorination processes).
Providing plug flow and controlled-reaction conditions in tubular reactors with low or high viscous fluids.
Also mixers provide solution to:
Dispersing liquids in extraction and washing processes.
Mixing gases in front of catalytic reactors (e.g., the production of styrene, nitric acid, maleic anhydride).
Vaporizing liquids in front of oxidation reactors (e.g., xylene in phthalic anhydride plants).
Furthermore, mixers  are established to the following application:
Co-current scrubbing acid process gas components.
Homogenizing process and product streams for representative sampling.
Neutralizing or pH adjustment/control of process streams with caustic or acid.