Dosing-meters - Controllers

Measuring and control systems are a fundamental aspect of plants and systems managements, and it’s the best and most efficient way to obtain a correct view of the chemical-physical balance.
Controllers (also refer to as Instruments or Analyzers or Meters) are also the best “partners” for chemical dosing pumps since most of the time drive the dosing pumps to reach a required chemical concentration.
FWT features a wide range of controllers able to satisfy technical requirements, reliability, easy programming at competitive prices. It’s up to the customers, with the help of our Customer Service when required, to find among FWT controller series, the controller that combines at best the technical and commercial requirements.
Before listing the various instrument series, we would like to stress one basic point: all of these controllers series are based on the same microprocessor and electronic circuit design, using surface mounted components and similar construction. The main differences among the different series are functions and features which make up the difference of one series being more versatile then others but at the same time determinate also the price difference.
Our controllers are designed to analyze the following chemical-physical parameter:

  • PH
  • RX (ORP)
  • Chlorine
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • In-line flow rate metering
  • Temperature
  • Cooling tower systems