Grease Collectors

Biological Treatment - Grease Collectors

Our company provides professional and domestic grease collectors for any possible needs. Professional grease collectors are manufactured in round shape from fiberglass or polyethylene with proportional capacity of restaurant that is intended to, while domestic grease collectors are rectangle shape and they are available in two sizes. For 2 or 4 domestic kitchens.

The most important about the grease controllers is that, they must be placed directly into the line of the kitchen, before the connection of the sewages. Then the two lines meet and probably led in certain biological. Our grease collectors are easy accessible and that is what makes them unique in facility maintainance!

Separating tank for oily, non-emulsion substances and floating solids, which separate both naturally and continuously via gravity.
The range comprises: degreasing wells for domestic kitchen drains (up to a maximum of 3-4 units) and two-compartment separating tank (for drains of apartment block kitchens, restaurants and company canteens).