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The biological treatment is the artificial process that is followed in order to assimilate the operation of nature during the inactivation of sewages. It means that we need to supply our system with sewages and as a result we get clean and limpid water with qualitative characteristics suitable for use without any smells, pollution or high force consumption! Because of time and volume limit in a domestic system,we need to accelerate and shrink the process. That is the reason why the bilological cleaning system is based on the well known method of the aerobic treatment, which with the extensive airing, creates a suitable environment for the creation of micro-organisms that consumes the matter.
The biologic treatment acquires it's complete result in 20 days and it needs an optical control every 2 months.The maintainance is done every 6 months, as well as the partial evacuation every which is done every 1.5 years. It is very simple to use and to do the required maintainance. It functions by itself in the sewerage line without any mobile parts, without noise, without certain big electric consumption, and all that is because airing consumes just about 60W, like a normal light bulb.
It can be placed in any urban sewages that we want to manage, without polluting the environment.
By installing a biologic treatment,we take care of the inviroment. We ensure a healthy soil and clean underground waters for our children. There are no multiple evacuations of a waterproof cesspool, because the absorbent is prohibited since 1964! In addition, we can use the water from the biological cleaning systemg to water trees,flowers,etc.
Using biologic treatment, will exempt us from the pollution, also in the long term time it will offer us the satisfaction of helping the environment and it will convice us for its profits,both ecological and economical! Don't forget that even though we live in times where the pollution of seweges are very close to our homes and even threatens our health, we can still have the chance not only stop it but even use it for our profit.

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