Magnetic drive pumps

Versatility and performances.
You can practically pump all the chemicals at low and medium
temperatures with all the bodies in GFR-PP (glass fibre reinforced
polypropylene) or CFF-E-CTFE (Etylene-ChloroTrifluoroEtylene
carbon fibre filled).
Strong magnetic coupling made up of rare-earth materials
(Neodimium Iron Boron) and “N” (standard), “P” (powered) or
“S” (strong-powered) versions allow to pump, also at maximum
flow, liquids with 1.05 - 1.35 - 1.8 specific gravity respectively.
R-N-X: three internal configuration of constructive materials
for many applications: from clean water to waste and slightly
abrasive liquids, strong alkali or salts such as sodium hypochlorite,
and acids such as chromic, nitric, sulphuric, etc..